About the "store"!

This is our new VW's donations area, called as "store", but this is not a true store because all the money you use in Venture Worlds's "store" goes to VW's bills. When you buy something in Venture Worlds you will receive your purchase within 24 hours, and if you don't receive it you can contact our team. We always will help you!

We protect you!

When purchasing a product in our "store", your purchase is being tracked from start to finish to ensure total security and make sure that your product will actually be delivered as ordered. They need to be aware because the only data requested to make the request are user and password of your VW's account, at the time of login, and are encrypted to ensure their security and privacy.

It's simple to donate!

Our "store" was built thinking about the simplest way to donate. To ensure that everyone can make their donations as fast as possible without leaving the safety and simplicity.


Is made using the USD currency, you can donate using your PayPal's account, the donation is executed by PayPal and we do not have access to your personal information.